how can bird netting help you trap a bird

Bird netting main purpose in bird pest control at your place. Bird netting can also be used for bird trapping. Most bird trapping is used for capturing the birds by bird netting process.

The netting is hung in the path where the birds fly, the birds fly towards the net and get caught in it. The birds cannot get out of the net, once caught. It is a very humanely process and it does not harm the birds at all. The birds can be easily removed from the net.

The telescoping poles are used for hanging the net. When the birds get into the net, the hook with magnetic attachments are used to close the net. Sometimes, a laser pointer is also used in this process. Mist net fibers are used in netting because it is very much strong and also very fine for the birds.

The Mist netting is applicable on many birds including Pigeons, Starlings, Swallows, Gulls, Grackles and Sparrows. Netting is adapted when you want to make sure that the bird not get harm. The Bird netting is also appreciated by the regulators as it saves the species from dying.

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